Text Box: End Time Prophecy in Revelation & Daniel Warns of Great Terror & Confusion: Learn What you Need to Know Now … While You can Still Think Clearly!

The final seven years before Christ returns will be a strange time.  The first 3 1/2 years will be the most confusing as the two witnesses will be speaking and behaving in a way not expected by Christians, and the beast will actually be a highly respected statesman and peacemaker!  Many will mistakenly believe the two witnesses are the beast and false prophet.  This confusion will intensify as the witnesses begin railing on Christians to give up false worship and leave their churches to be baptized into a true, commandment-keeping Church of God.  By the time this confusion is completely figured out it will be too late to be taken to a place of safety from the Great Tribulation with those who do understand.  That flight will have already taken off . . . Better to understand who’s who now, before things get out of hand!  Our new book lays it all out for you.





Chapter 1: A Timeline of the End-Time

Before we can even begin to understand end-time Bible prophecy we must lay out the end time timeline completely.  Only by understanding whether the two wintnesses or the beast and false prophet will appear first, or if they will appear at the same time, can we figure out what all the confusion at the end time is about. 

Chapter 2: “And He That Sat Upon Him had a Bow . . . and He Went Forth Conquering . . .”

Because the white horse rider of Revelation 6 has a bow and is portrayed as a warrior, he is often thought to be the Antichrist.  But there is evidence that this interpretation is not correct.  So the who is he?  Remember the Revelation 6 prophecy is the opening of the “first seal” of the seven seals of Revelation.

Chapter 3: “Here are They Who Keep the Commandments of God, and have the Faith of Jesus” (Rev. 14:12)

Most Christians believe the law of Moses was done away with by Christ’s death and resurrection.  It seems, however, that it both WAS and WAS NOT done away . . . According to Jesus and Paul!  Does the law still represent a righteous requirement for Christians to attempt to attain to?  If so, the modern Christian Church is on the wrong road!

Chapter 4: “After My Departing Shall Grievous Wolves Enter in . . .”  (Acts 20:29)

Paul warned the Thessalonians that deceivers would enter into the church and lead many astray.  Could rejection of the law, or antinomianism, be part of that deception at the end time?  What else that was false could have been substituted for true worship?

Chapter 5: “And I Saw a Woman Sitting on a Scarlet Beast . . .” (Rev. 17:3)

The Scarlet Woman is a false religion filled with confusion, false doctrine, and the “blood of the prophets and saints.”  It was founded on “seven hills” and was to eventually sit on “many waters.”  Who is the woman and who is the beast with “7 heads and 10 horns” that she sits on, or controls?  When the prophecies of both Daniel and Revelation are combined with history, the answer to this end time prophecy riddle become clear!

Chapter 6: “Come Out of Her My People . . .” (Rev. 17 & 18)

At the time of the end the reign of the Scarlet Woman and the Scarlet Beast she rides upon are nearing an end; Christ will destroy them both with the brightness of His coming.  His end-time message to those living at the end time is: “Come out of her My people.”  Those who don’t come out and don’t exit false religion of every sort, will go through the Great Tribulation!  Those who come out will be protected and spared.  Who is this message to and what does it mean?  Who is to come out of what?  Come out of her and go where?

Chapter 7: “He Who has an Ear, Listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches . . .”  (Rev. 2:7)

We already know from Chapter 3 that the end-time Church of God has “The commandments of God and the testimony, or faith, of Jesus.”  Who are, and where are, the seven true end-time churches . . . and just what is the Spirit saying to them?  How will we recognize them and when (and how) will they be energized by the Holy Spirit at the end-time?  End time Bible prophecy, especially the white horse prophecy in Revelation 6, will make it painfully clear.

Chapter 8: Why Most Christians Will Reject His Message.

By the time you get to this point in our Revelation 6 commentary you will already know why all the confusion occurs at the endtime (Matthew 24) and why most will reject the two true witnesses of God and their message.  Your understanding of who the white horse rider of Revelation 6 (the first seal) is, and what the end time message explained in Bible prophecy is that he will deliver, will be clear to you!

When you combine the unexpected message of the white horse prophecy with the timeline during which all these end time events will take place, you will also understand why there will be so much confusion at the end time that the majority of Christians will reject him!

In this chapter it is summed up for you.  This chapter also gives you an outline of the main events that will happen, in the order of their appearance, leading up to the Great Tribulation . . . which you will hopefully be able to avoid armed with the information in this book!


Text Box: A listing of the appendices in the book shown above: WHO IS THE WHITE HORSE RIDER OF REVELATION 6 . . . AND WHAT IS HIS MESSAGE?
Appendix A: Jesus Rose from the Dead on Saturday!
Appendix B: Identifying God’s Two Witnesses
Appendix C: What About the Rapture and the 144,000?
Appendix D: Just What do You Mean “Born Again”?
At the time of the end a good understanding of which religious teachings are right and which are wrong will be essential; not only for salvation, but for preserving life and limb as well!  The fate of families, and even of entire nations, will hang on a correct understanding of whether a prophet is a true prophet of God or whether he is false.  And this correct decision making—and the clear-mindedness necessary to make them—will be required at perhaps the most confusing time, spiritually, since the very beginning of time.
In the sixth chapter of the book of Revelation the opening of the first seal begins the process of unveiling what will happen during the final seven years just before Jesus Christ returns to earth to establish His Kingdom.  The seven seals of the book of Revelation are opened in the same order that the events they reveal will occur in during this final seven year period.  So we know that the appearance of the white horse rider of Revelation 6, which is the first of the seven seals opened, will occur at the very outset of the final seven years before the Lord’s return.  Because this rider is carrying a bow with which to wage war commentaries on the book of Revelation invariably identify this individual as the antichrist . . . or at the least a false prophet.
But there are problems with identifying the white horse rider of Revelation 6 as the antichrist, as you will see in Part I.  His identity is the first mystery we must solve.  Until we can identify him, we have little hope of understanding what his message will be.  Fortunately the Lord, through the Apostle John, gave us plenty of clues with which to solve this mystery; the first of several mysteries that, when solved, will eventually lead us to the answers we are looking for.
Discovering the message of the white horse rider, even after identifying who he is, will be a much more difficult task.  The clues here are not nearly as clear as those we will use to identify him.  The first clue concerning his message is Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24:24 that it will be a time of great deception and confusion, and that even the very elect, if God would allow it, would be deceived.  This tells us that the message of the white horse rider will be almost completely unexpected: different enough from the standard message of “repent, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ” (there’s no confusion in that) that hearers of his message will be shocked and confused by it; yet it will ring true enough to be believed by many.  Is the deception we are warned about in Matthew 24, at least concerning the white horse rider, a warning not to believe a false prophet, or is it a warning not to reject the message of a true prophet?  A great deal is riding on a correct understanding of, and decision concerning, these questions.    
Another clue as to the white horse rider’s message is Jesus’ warning to “come out of her my people” to those who are “in” the great whore that sits on seven hills and among many waters, and has given birth to many harlots (Rev. Ch. 18 and 19).  This religious “system” 1) is known for witchcraft and sorcery; 2) contains the blood of both prophets and saints; 3) has deceived the whole world with her false doctrines; and 4) is the haunt for every demon and foul spirit imaginable.  And what’s just as bad, her offspring have passed this “Babylonian Mystery Religion” on to an innumerable multitude throughout the world (Rev. 18:23).  As you will notice, this clue comes later in the book of Revelation, perhaps at a time after the white horse rider of Revelation 6 has already come and gone.  Is this message in Revelation 18 and 19 a final warning to those who didn’t heed the warning of the white horse rider of Revelation 6?  Or is it a warning that the white horse rider was trying to lead them astray and was therefore a false prophet?  
Just as most topics in Bible prophecy are quite perplexing when you try to understand them without enough background, so too is the one you are embarking upon in this work.  We will have to patiently follow and develop each one of these clues until it becomes reasonably clear and then move on to the next one . . . retaining what makes sense and rejecting what doesn’t along the way.  If we are careful, and if we let the Bible interpret itself in instances where it does, we should emerge at the end of the book with a good understanding of one of the great mysteries of the ages!
It has been said that truth is often stranger than fiction. The message of the white horse rider of Revelation 6—even if his identity turns out not to be so strange—is clearly one of those times.   So set the novel you might be reading down for a while and prepare yourself for a fascinating journey: this non-fiction story is much more interesting!
Front cover image of the book Who is the White Horse Rider of Revelation 6 ... and What is His Message?  Daniel's final seven years before Christ's return start with the appearance of the white horse rider.  The book of Revelation is about end time prophecy and centers on the work of the two witnesses of God and the two witnesses of Satan: the beast, or antichrist, and the great false prophet.  Commentators on he white horse prophecy are almost unanimously convinced that he is either the antichrist  or at least a false prophet . . . because the carries a bow and goes forth conquering.  But if taken in context, the white horse prophecy, which is also the first seal opened in the book of Revaltion, must be someone else!  End time Bible prophecy is not easy to understand, but if you study it carefully and work your way through it, you can undertstand it.  This book explains who the white horse rider of Revalation 6 is and what his message will be.  This, in turn, explains why Christ warned that the end times and end time prophecy would be very confusing such that only the elect of God would understand them!  It's all explained, in great detail that aids in understanding, in this end times book: Who is the White Horse rider of Revelation 6 . . . and What is His Message?